Friday 22 October 2010

news from the cycling paradise of Cambridge

A woman cyclist has been injured after being hurled into the windscreen of a BMW in Cambridge.

The blue car was being driven along Queen’s Road when it was involved in the collision.

Elsewhere in Britain’s most cycling-friendly city

A road rage incident between a cyclist and motorist resulted in them both being injured.

The latest clash between cyclists and motorists happened in Link Road, Sawston.

A 22-year-old Cambridge man was driving when his wing mirror was clipped by a bike.

The motorist then flashed the 57-year-old rider, urging him to pull over. As the cyclist started to pull in, the driver’s vehicle “accidentally” collided with the back wheel of the bike.

Police were called after the cyclist, who claims to be the victim, accused the motorist of criminal damage.

But officers are unsure what exactly transpired

Earlier this month a road rage cyclist rammed his bike into a car at a notorious Cambridge flashpoint between riders and motorists.

It happened in Hills Road,
leaving the car’s doors scratched.

A cyclist ramming a car? Oh please.

And as the streets of Cambridge fill up with parked cars, how interesting that some residents are calling for a cycling-hostile one-way system.