Sunday, 20 September 2009

Blaming the victim

Father-of-one Jacob Joseph, 39, was dressed in dark clothes and had no lights on his cycle when an Audi A3 struck him on the A415 Abingdon Road at Burcot on March 25.

Mr Rogers told coroner Nicholas Gardiner: “He came to difficulty when halfway across the road and his chain came off.
“I remember thinking, ‘Mate, you need to get off the road. Put your foot down and start scooting or something.’”

Moments later, a car with dipped headlights and driven within the speed limit, struck Mr Joseph. The driver, Gordon Nisbet, of Leach Road, Berinsfield, told the hearing he had seen no one in the road when the accident happened.

How do we know the car was being driven at less than 30 mph? Apparently, because the driver said so. So that’s alright then.

The absence of lights on the bicycle is irrelevant as the victim was effectively a pedestrian when he was run down and killed. But of course he was “dressed in dark clothes” – reason enough for any cyclist or pedestrian to be run down and killed on a street at night in the eyes of Britain’s car supremacist justice system.