Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cheer up!

Unchecked global warming could bring a severe temperature rise of 4C within many people's lifetimes, according to a new report for the British government that significantly raises the stakes over climate change.

The study, prepared for the Department of Energy and Climate Change by scientists at the Met Office, challenges the assumption that severe warming will be a threat only for future generations, and warns that a catastrophic 4C rise in temperature could happen by 2060 without strong action on emissions.

So why not cheer yourself up and buy a new car, courtesy of that nice Mr Brown:

The cash-for-clunkers scheme has been extended with a £100 million injection partly funded by the taxpayer.

The scheme has boosted car sales; the proportion of cars built in the UK for the domestic market reached a 56-month high of 33.8 per cent in August.