Thursday, 17 September 2009

‘Come in James Martin, your time is up.’

(Photo nicked from a witty contributor to the London Fixed Gear site)

“Without fail a cyclist will rap on my window and make some holier-than-thou comment, before zooming off through a red light where he knows I can’t get him.” -They only rap on windows with holier-than-thou statements when you’ve done something wrong. And what do you mean by “can’t get him” – what are you planning to do? Bearing in mind your other comments in the piece, this sounds like a threat.

James, James, James. What happened to the devil-may-care, racing demon, macho man who had the courage to drive a group of cyclists off the road? An apology? So quickly? So pathetically? So predictably? And who precisely do you expect to buy that? Could anyone possibly believe that the apology serves any cause but to protect yourself and your career?