Sunday, 20 September 2009

A modest proposal

MINISTERS are considering making motorists legally responsible for accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians, even if they are not at fault.

Government advisers are pushing for changes in the civil law that will make the most powerful vehicle involved in a collision automatically liable for insurance and compensation purposes.

The move, intended to encourage greater take-up of environmentally friendly modes of transport, is likely to anger some drivers, many of whom already perceive themselves to be the victims of moneyspinning speed cameras and overzealous traffic wardens.

Of course one diabolically cunning method of outwitting this vicious oppression of the motorist is to stay within the speed limit and not park on yellow lines...

What’s more

motorists and residents are often infuriated at seeing swathes of road space, or the kerbs where they park their cars, turned into cycle lanes.

But perhaps not, if they work like the ones in Waltham Forest!

Read the small print and you'll see that the proposal only applies to the dimension of liability and insurance and

would not extend to criminal law