Monday, 28 September 2009

Walking and cycling? We don’t want to waste money on that.

Transport planning and budgeting in Britain remains fundamentally committed to motor transport and contemptuous of walking and cycling. Here’s the latest example.

THE campaign for a pedestrian footbridge across King’s Cross station has received a new blow with planners from Islington Council saying that it is not financially viable. The proposed bridge, which would span the entire station from Wharfdale Road in Islington to Battlebridge Road in Camden would cost around £8million, according to the council’s transport planner Karen Sullivan.

Last Tuesday Ms Sullivan told the West Area committee: “In this climate there is just no money for it. [Sic!] Any benefits to pedestrians and cyclists do not outweigh the costs.”

King’s Cross resident Sophie Talbot, a leading campaigner for the footbridge, said she was bitterly disappointed.

“The needs of at least 17,000 residents plus hundreds of businesses have been ignored,” she said. “Once again this is a poor quality report lacking in proper research.

“The King’s Cross development is a billion pound development but provides little for the community.”