Sunday, 27 September 2009

Waltham Forest Council climate strategy unveiled

I enjoyed this year’s E17 Art Trail, and I was impressed by artist Valerie Grove’s suitcase installations in the garden of the Vestry House Museum (you can find out more about her work here).

I think Ms. Grove has perfectly captured the Council's environmental policies. There's a lovely looking package, and then you open it up, and inside...

(Above) Rotting fish on a bed of sand. Yes, the perfect symbol of our stinking, rotting, corrupt, putrid, dead and disintegrating council!

I hope to participate in the E17 Art Trail myself next year. I'm working on a display of bizarre surrealist photographs called 'cycle parking in Waltham Forest'. In the meantime here are shots of cycle parking at some of the sites on this year's art trail.

(Below) The William Morris Gallery has been in existence for over half a century, during which time not even one cycle stand for visitors has been provided. But there's a lovely bit of wall you can lean your bicycles against.

(below) Cycle parking at the Quaker centre on Jewel Road.

(Below) Cyclists visiting The Old Glass Factory were able to take advantage of these railings.