Friday 18 September 2009

How effective is ‘Cycle Friday’?

Gosh, gee whiz, cripes, this is jolly interesting!

Boris Johnson launched "Cycle Friday" last month as a means to encourage nervous cyclists onto London's roads.

Commuters were told to meet at one of six starting points. They were then led to one of four different finishing points (where by some chance they would all hopefully want to go.)

As part of Boris's "cycle revolution" the Mayor used the following methods to publicise it:

• Post in Tube stations for four weeks
• Website with key information on all the rides
• PR launch which delivered articles in key London press
• Email to targeted customers
• Face to face marketing each week (on Wednesdays) to distribute leaflets to commuters at the six start point locations
• Weekly Metro travel page advertisement
• Leaflet distribution at 170 bike shops
• Leaflets distributed at the start points to interested commuters prior to the ride leaving • Safety bibs available for participants with Cycle Fridays branding
• Twitter cards to all participants.

And here's how many people have taken part in the first month:

14 August 82

21 August 88

28 August 48

4 September 54

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