Sunday, 27 September 2009

Judges ooze sympathy for killer of cyclist

25-year-old golf coach Matthew Rice on Low Road last November. Rice, of Peartree Close, Fenstanton, admitted causing death by careless driving in July.

He told police he pulled into the right-hand lane to begin overtaking the cars, but that the Fiat Punto, second in the queue, had also pulled out and he had then followed. The driver of the Punto then spotted Mr Robinson's cycle coming towards her and pulled in, leaving Rice confronted with a cycle heading directly for him and no opportunity to avoid a collision.

At Peterborough Crown Court a month later, he was jailed for 20 weeks. But on Wednesday, following an appeal to top judges, Rice's sentence was overturned and suspended, allowing him to walk free from prison immediately.

In Rice's favour, he was described during his sentencing hearing as a man of "exemplary good character" who had never been in trouble with the police and who had shown "deep" remorse.

If he’s that sorry then he won’t mind giving up driving, eh? Er, no.

Allowing the appeal, Mr Justice Irwin said that, had Mr Robinson survived, even with devastating and life-changing injuries, the maximum penalty Rice would have faced would have been a fine - as the other driver received.

So by that perverted logic, the judge thinks prison was unfair.

He added: "The recommendation of a pre-sentence report was that any prison sentence should be suspended.

"It is not clear that this proposal was given active consideration by the judge."

Well, why not ask him, then?

Rice's two-year driving ban was also cut to one year as he needs to be able to drive in order to carry out his work as a golf coach.

So one more reckless killer is allowed back on to the roads. The right to drive is the most important human right of all, no matter how bad and lethal your driving.