Friday, 25 September 2009

Ken on Boris and transport policy

Since his election Boris Johnson has subsidised the polluters at the expense of ordinary Londoners. But why should a bus or Tube passenger subsidise a “Chelsea Tractor”? And why should they pay for ridiculous gimmicks like a new Routemaster that will probably never carry a single passenger?

Motorists driving the worst gas guzzlers have been let off the planned higher C-charge of £25. In addition, the Mayor's plan to halve the congestion charge zone would lose London another £55-70 million a year.

Meanwhile, small lorries and vans are being let off heavy fines if they don't meet higher air-quality standards, because the Mayor suspended the planned next phase of the London-wide, clean-air low emission zone. This is despite the fact that, thanks to this move, we face £300 million in fines for exceeding EU emissions limits; thousands of Londoners die unnecessarily every year from respiratory illnesses because of some of the worst air quality in Europe.

City Hall has created a vicious circle. Revenues have been thrown away, pollution and congestion get worse and Londoners will pay through higher fares and lower investment in public transport.

The net result is that
Boris Johnson is planning big fare increases in January.

Er, a bit like you, Ken, then!