Wednesday, 23 September 2009

My morning bike ride

This morning at the Blackhorse Road junction. Where the A503 crosses the A1006. Death trap railings (which I feel confident the London Borough of Waltham Forest won't remove until there's been a cycling fatality), the Stansted Airport EasyJet bus driver overtook me when he didn't need to, blocking the cycle lane and entering the Advanced Stop Line. As for my bad experiences before I got to this junction, and then after it... well any London cyclist can bore you with tales of near-misses and wantonly reckless drivers.

I think the cycle lane here is about three-quarters of a metre wide. Part of the glorious 20 miles of on-road cycle lanes which Waltham Forest is so proud of.

Fun puzzle. See if you can spot any similarity between these pics and the one shown here.