Saturday 29 September 2012

Brick Lane Blues

Back in February At War With The Motorist noticed that

Tower Hamlets council, with £300,000 from TfL, have announced that in the next few weeks they will be replacing the bricks of Brick Lane with a standard issue asphalt carriageway. 

Their rationale was

to “help to distinguish space for pedestrians from traffic”. That is, this is an explicitly anti-shared space move, intended, perhaps, to put pedestrians back in their place.

AWWTM commented

Brick Lane is a far more suitable candidate for shared space than most of the high-profile schemes. It is already a narrow single-lane one-way street with a high pedestrian to vehicle movement ratio — a high place status, in the jargon, and little importance as a transport route. 

Brick Lane is exactly the kind of narrow city street — important place for people but unsuitable for and unimportant as a transport route — where shared surfaces could be beneficial

So let’s see how this expensive “improvement” worked out.

 Oh, yes. Marvellous. Very Transport for London. Putting the car-sickness back into the heart of things.