Sunday 16 September 2012

Segregation from lorries demanded

FIGURES released by Suffolk police reveal there have been more than 250 crashes involving lorries on the A14 in the past five years where people have been killed or injured. 

The statistics have been compiled following the pile-up near the Trimley interchange sliproad on the dual carriageway last month which claimed the life of a grandmother and her 15-year-old grandson. 

The figures for crashes on the A14 involving goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes shows there has been one a week on average since 2008. 

[ I suspect this statistic only refers to the Suffolk section of the A14, a road which actually runs all the way from Felixstowe to the A1/A1(M) via Stowmarket, Bury St Edmunds and Cambridge. In the Suffolk section there are hardly any speed cameras, whereas between Cambridge and the A1 there used to be more Gatso speed cameras than I have ever seen anywhere in Britain, which have since been replaced by average speed cameras. Unlike isolated Gatso cameras, average speed cameras are incredibly effective in ensuring drivers keep to the speed limit, which is why the Conservative Party loathes them and why pro-motor-terrorist speedophile Chief Constables show no interest at all in seeing them installed on main roads in their areas. ]

Interestingly, among other things, “Community leaders in Trimley St Martin and Trimley St Mary” are calling for improved separation of cars and lorries.