Sunday 23 September 2012

Hampshire Police turn a blind eye to motoring criminals

For the year 2011 Hampshire saw

a massive reduction in penalty notices for using a mobile while driving. Just 1,700 motorists were caught, down from 5,152 in 2008. 

That’s just five drivers a day for the whole of Hampshire.

Pathetic, but utterly symptomatic of British policing, which is car-centric to its core.

Hampshire Constabulary does participate in zero-tolerance operations - but that’s only against cyclists.

Here’s a statistic:  

32,955 killed, nearly 3m injured between 2000 and 2010. This is 11 years of deaths and injuries on Britain's roads.

Terrorists are feeble and ineffectual amateurs compared to Britain’s drivers. Policing could make a massive difference to the carnage on Britain’s roads but the police are part of the problem (along with the House of Commons, the media and the judiciary).

Hampshire Constabulary boasts that Anti-social behaviour remains a priority 

And what’s that? Needless to say it includes action to tackle dangerous cycling on pavements. 

A police force which ignores drivers using mobile phones but is keen to crack down on pavement cyclists has lost all sense of what constitutes both dangerous behaviour and proportionality.