Tuesday 11 September 2012

‘Three Feet Please’ legislation: how it works in practise

Pecan City Peddlers [Cool name. Ed.] Race Manager Michele Moulton wants to get the word out to drivers to watch out for cyclists. "Our group really has a lot of problems sometimes with cars. They want to come a little too close or they want to honk the honk as they pass us," said Moulton. 

Skid marks still remain on Ephesus Church Road in Worth County after Cindy Cochran was struck by a motorist last week. Cochran is recovering after suffering several broken bones. 

Last year, Governor Nathan Deal passed Georgia's 3 feet law, which requires drivers to move over at least three feet when passing cyclists. A law Moulton says many drivers don't follow. 

The driver in last week's accident was not charged because investigators ruled sun glare obstructed his view at the time.