Friday 14 September 2012

‘Smoother traffic flow’ is working!

Yes, getting rid of pedestrian crossings, reducing the times that pedestrians get to cross on those crossings that still exist, and ensuring that crap cycle lanes never in any way intrude on the urgent needs of London car drivers, is paying off!

Question No: 2315 / 2012

Caroline Pidgeon 

In TfL’s surface transport panel papers from July 3rd Average Traffic speeds are reported as having increased during period 2 from 17.4 mph to 17.91 mph. Do you welcome this increase in average speed? 

[Ed. This is what grammarians call a rhetorical question.]

There are also a number of very cogent cycling questions for the Mayor listed here (unfortunately the questions are not grouped according to subject, so you have to go through the whole bloody lot if you are interested in cycling matters).

There’s a killer statistical question from Richard Tracey ( No: 2512 ) asking for a breakdown of travel modes used in accessing the Olympic Park. (OK, so he probably has an ulterior motive but it's a good question.)

Len Duvall also asks for detail on how “Going Dutch” will feed into the design of CS5 from Victoria to Lewisham. (No: 2670).