Saturday 8 September 2012

HGV driver news

A shell-shocked war veteran today avoided jail after claiming memories of the battlefield triggered him to roar along a motorway at 140mph. 

The plain clothes police officers were in an unmarked car and spotted Farnworth as he initially drove at up to 85mph in a 40mph zone. But as they began following him, Farnworth feared they were ‘men in hoodies’ and roared away as if he were ‘shaking off the enemy’ in battle. 

Even when the officers turned on their blue lights, Farnworth failed to stop.

He admitted dangerous driving and was today given a community order for 12 months. He was also sentenced to a supervision order for 12 months, banned from driving for 12 months and must take a driving re-test. Farnworth now works as an HGV driver.