Sunday 28 October 2012

Conspicuity Alert

Did you remember to turn back your clocks one hour?

At this time of the year it is now urgent that all cyclists remember to leave their Harry Potter invisibility cloaks at home. Too many cyclists are simply invisible to the naked eye, especially on today’s streets where drivers are busy multi-tasking individuals who have to concentrate on texting, drinking coffee, eating a sandwich, fiddling with a dashboard control, making a telephone call, or are in a trance induced by a SatNav.

Please remember to wear bright clothing and a helmet. This will impress the Coroner and count in your favour if your rear wheel should happen to inadvertently collide with a vehicle approaching from behind at 75 mph.

If possible cycle with a group of highly conspicuous friends.

And remember – some drivers won’t even notice you exist even if you are glittering like a lavishly decorated Christmas tree. This is why you should also carry something suitable to interact with motorists who come too close or with whom you may need to enter into dialogue regarding their standard of driving.