Friday 12 October 2012

It’s the new golden age of cycling! (yet again)

As it’s far too dangerous to cycle on the roads we thought we’d have a smiley-smiley group photo in a park. 

Yes, thrilling news of a campaign to get a million more people riding their bikes by 2013. Absolutely no infrastructure required. With just a simple press release from British Cycling, all that is required is words and joyous optimism.

QV: SkyRide, Safety in Numbers, Partnership, Shared Vision, Huge Inspiration, Remember To Dress Responsibly, Do Wear a Helmet.

Don’t say: Not yet more tired old crap from the collaborationist wing of the failed UK cycling promotion industry which is bloated with vested interests and is a major impediment to the creation of a mass cycling culture in Britain.

Don’t say: how’s your modal share doing?


Tunbridge Wells is part of a massive boom in regular cycling 

Says the headline on a recycled press release which, er, says nothing at all about cycling in Tunbridge Wells.

I’ve been to Tunbridge Wells. It’s crap.

Or to elaborate: it’s unbelievably car-sick and as crap for cycling as anywhere else in Britain.

Also some bits are seriously hilly.