Sunday 28 October 2012

Time to prosecute BMW for corporate manslaughter?

Isn’t it time that the directors of businesses like BMW found themselves in the dock on a charge of corporate manslaughter? They, after all, are complicit in building murder machines specifically designed to go at speeds twice that of the maximum national speed limit, and they bear some responsibility for the carnage on Britain’s roads. The anti-smoking lobby in the USA went down this route with great success, even though smoking is a voluntary activity.

The problem with the crap collaborationist ‘road safety’ lobby is that thoughts like this are completely outside the frame. In fact I can’t think of anyone who has ever suggested it before. Black box data recorders in every vehicle and prosecutions for corporate manslaughter are far better policies than asking cyclists to remember to leave their Harry Potter cloaks at home and try extra hard to be ‘visible’.

A speeding driver who killed a father-of-three when he drove at almost 155mph in an attempt to win back his girlfriend has been jailed for seven years. Shehzad Munir, 25, was showing off when he cut across three lanes and smashed his 4.5 litre BMW 6 series into Sukhpreet "Suki" Singh Chimber's car. The incident is believed to be one of the highest speed death crashes ever on Britain's roads. 

Munir was convicted by the jury of causing death by dangerous driving. He travelled at excessive speed for some six miles. 

Naturally under the British criminal injustice system this lethal yob will one day be allowed back behind the wheel of a car.


 Let’s not forget BMW and the Olympics.