Saturday, 20 October 2012

‘his HGV wandered off the carriageway’

But it turns out it wasn’t wanderlust on the part of an HGV but rather the fact that the driver was using a handheld mobile phone at the time.

Apart from wandering, lorries are also prone to plunging:

A MAIN road into York was closed after a nine-tonne lorry left the road and crashed into a ditch. The lorry driver had to be freed by firefighters when his vehicle left the A166 Stamford Bridge Road and plunged into a ditch during rush-hour at about 8am yesterday. It travelled about 20 feet from the carriageway and into an 8ft-deep ditch. 

Elsewhere, a car went for a dip:

emergency services were called to Osbaldwick after a car went into the beck near the Derwent Arms at about 5.30pm on Wednesday.