Thursday 28 May 2009

Another classic instance

The absurdity of the charge of ‘carelessness’ used against killer drivers is underlined by this case. It also vividly demonstrates the laxity of the judicial system, since this uninsured killer driver was released on bail, continued to drive after being charged, and was subsequently caught drunk at the wheel.

Incidentally isn’t ‘drink driving’ itself a peculiar and sanitizing expression – it’s as if a pint of beer was steering the car rather than a human being. Why is ‘drunken driving’ never used? I suppose it’s because it was ‘an accident’ and ‘the tree was in collision with a car’.

A man left his girlfriend to burn to death in a car after he crashed into a tree, a court heard yesterday.

Arshad, of Luton, pleaded guilty yesterday to causing death by careless driving while over the alcohol limit, and causing death by driving while uninsured.

The court also heard that Arshad had been arrested for drink driving while on bail following the incident.