Sunday, 31 May 2009

Epping council is crap

A WHEELCHAIR user has spoken of her disgust at dirty disabled toilets in an Epping car park. When Penny Pepper, 40, tried to use the facilities in Bakers Lane Car Park last month she was confronted a faeces-filled toilet, rusted sinks and peeling paint.

But instead of complaining she took matters into her own hands and shamed the council on You Tube. The two minute video, called Toilet Trauma in Epping Town is set to a jaunty tune.

Miss Pepper said: "I don't know if (Epping Forest District Council) still realise people use it." Miss Pepper is "embarrassed for the council" because of a sign above the door which reads "Invalid" . The term, previously used for disabled people, means useless.

Here is the video.