Saturday 9 May 2009

Another lawless Loomis lout

Loomis drivers are out of control in London and break road traffic law with complete impunity, repeatedly, often at the same locations, and, locally, with the active collusion of the Metropolitan Police, the operators of the borough's street CCTV system and the London Borough of Waltham Forest. (See this, this and this.)

Even though Sainsbury's have a private rear entrance, this lazy Loomis driver prefers to make deliveries and collections to the front of the store, and does so by parking across the pedestrian crossing on Willow Walk at the junction with High Street. This occurs at least once a week, perhaps more often.

The vehicle is parked here for some fifteen minutes, not only obstructing the crossing and the tactile area for blind pedestrians, but also concealing pedestrians from approaching drivers. But if the man shown here was run down and killed I expect the coroner would say he was partly to blame because, after all, he's a pedestrian who is wearing dark clothing. Yesterday, noon.