Tuesday 19 May 2009

‘Go Green’

As I was cycling along Forest Road yesterday two vehicles overtook me and illegally occupied the Advanced Stop Line for cyclists at the Bell Corner. I managed to get this snap while the lights were still at red.

On the left is an easyBus, the rear of which is decorated with smug Greenwash slogans. Stelios says Want to reduce your carbon footprint? So why are you driving your car? And below that is the slogan GO GREEN. This bus service is exclusively for air travellers, and this one is travelling from Stansted airport into central London. EasyBus is a service of easyJet. While easyBus denounces people for driving cars, easyJet offers cheap flights, car hire! EasyJet greenwash is exposed here

The van on the right, teaching teenagers to be contemptuous of cyclists and road traffic law, belongs to Walthamstow’s Holy Family Technology College. This is an educational institution which claims to be ‘helping to reinforce the Catholic ethos’. This is not the first time this blog has encountered the Catholic ethos on local pavements and cycle lanes.

Look carefully. On the far side side of the lights is a big white van parked partly on the pavement and completely in the cycle lane. It belongs to JCDecaux. The CCTV operators seem to be as indulgent of this company's parking offences as they are of those of Loomis and G4.

And when the lights turned to green I noticed that occupying the ASL round the corner on Hoe Street was a light lorry identifiable as being driven by an employee of this notorious organisation.