Sunday 17 May 2009

The hypocrisy of Colin Barrow

Councillor Colin Barrow, leader of Westminster Council, said the Tamil protests had shown that a change in the law could not “happen soon enough.”

Mr Barrow said: “Parliament Square is becoming a no go area for law abiding people who wish to enjoy the pleasures of one of London's great squares.

Parliament Square is a no-go area for pedestrians, who have never been supplied with a single crossing by Colin Barrow’s council. Barrow should try getting to the grass in the middle, which involves sprinting across between 3 and 5 lanes of traffic, which treats Parliament Square as a race track. And to see the number of drivers here who are chatting on mobile phones as they scream round the square is once again to see how indifferent London’s police are to blatant lawbreaking by drivers, even outside the great swamp of corruption and sleaze (sorry, I meant Mother of Parliaments).