Tuesday 26 May 2009

Fantasy cycling in London

Let's imagine that our ecstatic cyclist (courtesy of Saatchi and Transport for London) was going to do a spot of shopping in Walthamstow's legendary High Street market. She cycles into Mission Grove E17, where there are four stands alongside the bakery on the corner with High Street. Last Saturday afternoon this is what our blissed-out cyclist would have encountered.

(Below) The first of the four stands, with a market trader's cart locked to it.

(Below) The second cycle stand. A market trader's folding cart is locked to the front of the stand, with another section wedged behind it.

(Below) This is the third stand. Another cart, locked to the stand with a bike-lock.

(Below) The fourth and final cycle stand is buried away behind a fly-tipped metal panel.

The brand new leader of Waltham Forest Council is Councillor Chris Robbins. I happen to know he is a cyclist, because he once pedalled past me going the other way, and I thought to myself: That’s Councillor Robbins!

He won’t know this blog exists, so if you feel like communicating with him about the regular obstruction of cycle stands at this location, or any of the other local issues highlighted in these posts, you can find his contact details here. He represents himself as a decent, reasonable bloke. See if he replies to your email. See if he makes a difference.