Sunday, 17 May 2009

Charity cycle ride sabotaged

Saboteurs brought chaos to one of Britain's largest charity cycle races by spreading carpet tacks across part of the route.

Tacks were strewn on a section of the race, bursting hundreds of tyres.

It is the only cycle race in Britain where all roads are closed to other traffic, a move that is deeply unpopular among local residents.

Apparently about 500 received punctures from the tacks

If the culprit(s) are caught, I wonder if they will be sent to prison for 16 months?

On a Critical Mass I saw the driver of a black cab near Waterloo Station casually dangle his closed fist out of his window, open it… and drop lots of drawing pins on the road.

And a few months back I returned to my bike to find that someone had pressed a drawing pin into the front tyre. All part of the hatred of cyclists which forms part of Britain’s rich car supremacist culture.