Tuesday, 26 May 2009

More enviro-crime exposed - the usual culprit

A global drive to improve energy efficiency will be the centrepiece of President Obama’s strategy for fighting climate change, the US Energy Secretary has said.

He is participating in a

three-day climate change forum, held under the patronage of the Prince of Wales

But ‘energy efficiency’ is only a tiny part of the answer, and is plainly being projected as a saccharine substitute for meaningful but unpopular action against car dependency and flying. This is underlined by the involvement of the Prince of Greenwash.

Wastefully burning electricity for illumination, outside on a bright afternoon. It doesn't get more pointless than that. For environmental irresponsibility The London Borough of Waltham Forest sets a very bad example. But needless to say it also touts 'energy efficiency', urging residents, Turn off lights when they aren’t in use and you could save up to 10% of your energy bill. But if you are a local authority, don’t worry, you can just put the council tax up again!

Two lights were burning brightly beside the deserted bowling green in Lloyd Park behind the William Morris Gallery at 4 pm yesterday, on a bright Bank Holiday afternoon. And the lighting column at the Gallery end also had two large spotlights, which were trained on the Gallery and also burning brightly. And that's not all...

The day before, walking along the path off Church End E17, leading to Church Hill Road, I encountered this lighting column, blazing away at 3 pm on a bright sunny afternoon.