Thursday, 10 September 2009

What a difference a day makes!

The A503, this morning.

Firstly I see a maniac heading east, going faster than I have ever seen anyone go on the stretch of road between Hale End Road E17 and Woodford New Road A503. The driver must have been doing 60 mph, in a 30 mph zone which is a built up residential area. The car was one of those very, very expensive half-metre-high gull-winged racing cars, brown in colour. It was going so fast I couldn’t even get the registration number. There was a 6 and an I or a 1, a space, and three letters, two of which were L. The driver was presumably a famous footballer or a B List celebrity or maybe just a city banker. Of course, even if I had managed to get the registration number I know that the Metropolitan Police would not be remotely interested in pursuing this reckless and very dangerous offender.

I am heading west, on the same cycle lane I blogged about yesterday. See what difference 24 hours makes!

The blue car is still in the cycle lane.

Coming up to the junction with the A112. A blue heavy goods vehicle is partly in the pitifully thin cycle lane (a metre wide, perhaps). I can see beyond it that the Advanced Stop Line is occupied by cars.

I am smart enough not to undertake a lorry just before a junction. And I good thing I didn’t. When the lights changed the driver turned left in front of me without signalling. (The light shining in the photograph of the lorry is a stop light, not an indicator light.)

My guess is he didn’t bother to check his mirrors.

The registration number was KF56 LFW.