Tuesday 6 April 2010

Climate Change gimmickry

Can we have an end to fatuous stunts about climate catastrophe, please? You know, the sort of crap which is on page seven of the latest issue of the council’s ‘free’ (i.e. massively subsidised out of the council tax) propaganda newspaper. It’s about cute kiddies at a local nursery celebrating Earth Hour. Earth Hour originated in Australia, one of the most energy-greedy societies on the earth (along with the USA, Canada, Britain, China and India). The nursery put its lights out for an hour and the kiddies are alleged to have learned about sustainability. Judging by the photo, these toddlers look far too young to realise they were being used for a stunt but, hey, let’s hope they passed the message on to Mommy when she came to pick them up in the 4X4.

Waltham Forest council, which currently has over 100 street lights blazing away all day long, is passionately committed to Earth Hour, because it’s the perfect Green gimmick that doesn’t affect anything. You’ll find an example (above) on Clarendon Road E17.

Anyway, must dash, I’m off in my Jeep Cherokee to Stansted to catch a £10 flight to Berlin, where I’m giving a talk on how we all need to cut back on our emissions.