Tuesday 20 April 2010

Reckless lorry driver allowed to continue driving

Ignoring a level crossing's flashing red warning lights, this is the shocking moment a lorry driver ploughs his long vehicle into the closing barriers.

John McDonald, 38, accelerated his 44-tonne sewage lorry in an attempt to cross the King's Cross to Cambridge main-line at Foxton, Cambridgeshire.

Faced with the footage of the December 12 incident during a hearing at Cambridge Magistrates' Court, McDonald admitted driving through the red light but escaped a driving ban.

Remember the recent case of the cyclist who went through a red light and ended up being fined over £900 for what was quite probably a victimless offence? The courts are far more relaxed about a tanker driver who jumps a red light and risks causing a train crash with his 44 tonne vehicle:

McDonald, of Denton Burn, Newcastle, was fined £170 and ordered to pay £45 costs. He also had three penalty points added to his licence.