Sunday 18 April 2010

‘Proof speed cameras exist to rake in money as receipts finally fall’

You don’t need to be Ben Goldacre to doubt the science behind the Daily Mail’s latest hysterical headline.

Or the crackpot political slant:

Motorists have been hit with speeding tickets worth almost £1billion under Labour, a report shows.

No, not ‘motorists’ but ‘criminal motorists’. The corporate media endlessly represents speeding tickets and parking tickets as if they were an inescapable tax imposed on all drivers, rather than an entirely voluntary matter which the affected individual has chosen consciously to risk.

Critics said it was proof motorists had been treated as a cash cow. Claire Armstrong, cofounder of the Safe Speed campaign group, said: 'You should never measure safe driving by miles per hour.

‘Safe Speed’ is not a group but consists solely of Ms Armstrong who is, of course, fervently committed to speed-camera-free driving, i.e. even more carnage than currently exists.