Sunday 25 April 2010

Dangerous cycling, walking and driving in Milton Keynes

The fourth incident also occurred in April that year when Mr Child was cycling past a T-junction and a bus pulled out and hit him. He sustained severe whiplash and bruising.

After a lull of almost three years, the first of three hit-and-run incidents occurred in January 2005 when he was knocked off his bicycle by a Mercedes. Mr Child said he did not report the male driver, who was talking on a mobile phone, because he suffered only minor bruising and did not manage to get any details of the car.

Just a week later he was knocked over in another hit-and-run incident during a bike ride. This time he tore a ligament in his shoulder. Police suspected a drink-driver who was spotted in the area was responsible but could not catch him.

In September 2006, Mr Child was out for a walk when he was knocked down at a zebra crossing, suffering further bruising. He said the female driver of the Range Rover claimed she didn't see him because he walked on to the road 'too quickly'.

Six months later, he was in another hit-and-run when he was knocked down in a Tesco car park by a driver who drove off.

In July 2007 a young man pulled out of a side road and crashed into the left side of Mr Child's Honda Civic.

Finally, on 31 March last year he was involved in another collision while in the car in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire -
where all the accidents occurred.