Saturday 10 April 2010

Idiot judge

A judge has criticised a police force for concentrating on harassing motorists rather than dealing with serious crime.

Judge Richard O'Rorke hit out after being told a hearing to confiscate the assets of a convicted fraudster would have to be postponed.

Judge O’Rorke is an ignoramus and a bigot. In the first place, traffic policing has been in steep decline in Britain for many years, and only a tiny fraction of criminal offences by motorists are ever detected and prosecuted. It’s a myth that drivers are mercilessly harrassed by the police. On the contrary, the collapse of law and order on Britain’s roads is a very visible symbol of drivers’ awareness that they will most of the time get away with highly dangerous criminal behaviour.

In the second place, drivers are the most violent offenders in Britain, and the idea that motoring offences are not ‘serious crime’ contributes to the recklessness of drivers, who having killed or injured someone then start whining it was all just a terrible accident.