Sunday 25 April 2010

Cyclists charged with ‘impeding traffic’

Five members of the University of South Florida racing team ticketed in January by the Pasco County Sheriffs Office have pleaded not guilty. Instead of paying the $67.50 fine, they hired attorney Declan Mansfield, who filed a motion to dismiss the case.

It's legal for bicyclists to ride two abreast as long as they're not impeding the flow of traffic. Mansfield said the USF cyclists were not breaking the law. "We're not contesting that they were riding two abreast," he said. "But they were traveling at or near the speed limit, which is an exception to the law. They weren't impeding traffic. These guys are racers – they know how to ride in a group."

Pasco Cpl. Chad Tadlock, who wrote the tickets, said
the department started cracking down after hearing numerous complaints from area drivers about the cyclists who take part in the weekend morning group rides.