Wednesday 28 April 2010

Who comes out in support of a speed maniac?

Spot the odd one out:

A soldier clocked driving at twice the speed limit on the M40 has been spared a driving ban so he can serve in Afghanistan.

Drivers caught travelling at speeds in excess of 100mph normally receive a ban, but it is at the judge's discretion.

Ellen Booth, from Brake, said: 'It is a dangerous level of speed and shows a lack of responsibility and consideration for other people's lives.'

Paul English, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Blackburn, said: 'His actions were as lethal as a speeding bullet. The law of the land should be equal to all, full stop. There should be no exceptions, it doesn't matter if he is a soldier, if you break the law, you should suffer the consequences.'

Michael Law-Riding, Conservative parliamentary candidate, added: 'If you are driving at 143mph, then you should be banned - it's the law of the land, and everyone should obey.'

But Justice Secretary Jack Straw said that the judge showed 'appropriate mercy for someone risking his life for the rest of us'.