Wednesday 21 July 2010

Cycle superhighway safety mats

"Well, now I discover they have put one of those CS7 logos outside the parked car, and actually, it does work perfectly well," conceded Geffen.

"It does what the Superhighway needs to do if you going to take that approach to on-road cycle planning. It's still a parking bay, but now there is a sign for drivers to expect a cyclist to pull out into the road at the point where the parking bay begins."

There is the same arrangement similarly at bus stops.

"It's a perfectly sensible solution to the problem.
We're calling them safety mats."

Isn’t it wonderful that both the CTC and LCC can see so many positive aspects to Cycle Superhighways? And nobody uses the words ‘segregated infrastructure’ or ‘the Netherlands’ once. Bloody marvellous.