Thursday 29 July 2010

‘The most expensive cycle hire scheme in Europe’

London’s new cycle hire scheme, which opens for business tomorrow, is

the most expensive in Europe.

Experts today warned that while Londoners are likely to become adept at riding for under 30 minutes, when hire charges are zero, tourists could be caught out.
“I think we’ll see Londoners turning this into a game, and you can ride for free all day if you time things right,” said Rob Spedding, the editor of Cycling Plus magazine. “However, tourists who may not know the price increase the longer you ride could be caught out - you can imagine them keeping the same bike with them all day.”

Jenny Jones, green assembly member, said the problems could be much worse if the scheme is extended. "I'm distressed by the price of the scheme, and in particular the high membership costs," she said.