Sunday 18 July 2010

A tale of two sentences

Stewart Smith, a member of Thurcroft Cycling Club, was seriously injured when he was hit by a car on Brook Hill roundabout near Sheffield University. He was left with an open fracture of the humerus after he was thrown into the air and landed on his elbow.

Stewart, aged 42, had to undergo five hours of surgery and had 15 screws, two plates and lengths of wire inserted in his arm to put it back together

The driver was given a £90 fine, four points on his licence, a £15 victim surcharge and ordered to pay £35 in court costs at Sheffield Magistrates' Court for driving without due care and attention.

Stewart, of Pomona Street, near the city centre, said: "I want to bring to people's attention, yet another case of inconsistency and failure of the British justice system. I have just discovered that a woman in Chesterfield was fined £175, £100 costs and a £15 surcharge, for dropping a cigarette end.

"I think it beggars belief in the whole justice system that someone who has caused such injury gets a lesser sentence than someone who drops a tab end."

"I feel the sentence was extremely lenient and offers no deterrent to drivers to change their driving habits.

"The injury I sustained will affect the rest of my life."