Saturday 31 July 2010

London’s roads are too narrow for Dutch-style cycle paths

As any London Cycling Campaign Trustee and Vice Chair will tell you

segregation would be great but in London at least there's no room

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Yes, it’s such a shame that there just isn’t the space for Dutch-style segregated cycle paths on London’s narrow roads. Here’s another example of this sad state of affairs. The Ridgeway, London E4.

Because there just isn’t the space for segregated cycling in car sick Chingford, this road has been designated part of the ‘London Cycle Network’. See if you can spot the lovely little blue sign showing a bicycle. Seeing that sign makes that tiny fraction of the local population which cycles feel so much better inside.

Blue – it’s the colour of the London cycling revolution!

And blue is how I feel (when I’m not feeling cheap).