Thursday 8 July 2010

It’s an Ocado environmentally-friendly van!

Ocado is a company smothered in green values and fizzy, frothy environmentalism. It’s passionate about making our streets greener, cleaner places.

Ocado co-founder Jonathan Faiman said: "Each Ocado van replaces up to 20 cars on the road which overall can result in huge savings of unnecessary car journeys."

Even more remarkably

Ocado says that having its vans deliver your groceries generates less CO2 than walking to your local Tesco.

Now are you quite sure you’ve got the message?

Our delivery vans reduce traffic on our busy roads.

Sadly, I am not the first person to take photographs of a very naughty Ocado van:

The reader, who did not wish to be named, said: "The Ocado website is a homage to the company's commitment to developing environmentally friendly and sustainable business solutions, but the photos clearly demonstrate that Ocado and its partners are selling a lie.

The Ocado website does have one useful revelation, however. You can send the company a message at their expense by utilising their FREEPOST facility:

Write to us any time, at:

Ocado Limited,
Freepost 13498,
PO BOX 362,
Hatfield AL9 7BR

Please do not abuse this FREE facility to send a message to Ocado about what you think of their crap drivers (for the record my pic was taken yesterday at 12.53pm on Milton Road E17, van reg. LL58 CJZ). Please do not abuse this FREE facility to print-out copies of this blog post and send it to Ocado, because every Freepost letter sent to Ocado absolutely FREE will be costing the company money.

I was going to say that if the company was showered with letters sent using their FREEPOST facility it would eat into their profits, but apparently Ocado

has never made a pre-tax profit. Never. Not once in ten years. And it is really hard to see how that might change.

So there you are. In exposing the gap between green froth and the reality on the street, this blog also supplies valuable financial advice to investors.