Saturday 31 July 2010

Response to my complaint

The Council has responded reasonably promptly to my complaint about the refuse truck driver who forced the child cyclist off the road, which I posted about yesterday. Apparently some refuse collection is no longer in-house but has been contracted out to Verdant. I knew they did the recycling and garden waste collections but I was unaware they also did standard refuse collection. The vehicle concerned had no Verdant markings.

The important bit of the Council’s response runs as follows:

We take complaints of this nature very seriously whether it is by Council employees or our contractors. In this case it was our waste contractor Verdant and I have contacted their senior manager to investigate and report back.

Verdant have confirmed that they will investigate the driver of the truck highlighted and he will be disciplined if possible. Disciplinary action will depend on the evidence collected and what the driver and crew states.

As an absolute minimum Verdant will conduct a driver assessment immediately and if needed we will continue to assess for a period.