Wednesday 22 December 2010

Car thugs attack cyclist in Ealing

“it all started when a silver car went through red lights and over a zebra crossing:

'' .. the cyclist collided with the side of the car, he knocked on the passenger window and pointed at the traffic light obviously indicating that they were still red and the car should have stopped.

''Immediately, 3 men got out of the car and started aggressively shouting at him and then pushing him, there were 2 white men and one black and the black man headbutted the cyclist, the other 2 then pushed the cyclist on to the corner of Ealing Green and carried on pushing and shoving him, one of the men picked up the cyclists bike and threw it near a tree.

“I shouted out to the men "Oi leave him alone there are 3 of you and only one of him" which made them all turn around and start shouting at me instead.

''The cyclist picked up his bike and left at this point. Then the men all came towards me (the distance to the bus from where they were all standing was approx 5 metres)
the largest man was particularly abusive and angry and he shouted "he went into my Missus' car!"

Ealing, of course, is where a murderous thug attacked a police constable and a PCSO with a knife. As Cycalogical points out there was an interesting aspect to that incident which almost the entire media failed to mention.