Thursday 9 December 2010

lawless Broadstock lorry driver obstructs cycle lane

The southbound A112 (Hoe Street, Walthamstow)

Isn’t it touching that this lorry driver’s employer has an Environmental Policy, which promises

to minimise any environmental impact on customers, supply chain partners and neighbours.

It is also the pratice
[sic] of the company to ensure that all personnel involved in the company's operations receive and understand the requirements of this policy and have the appropriate training. Additionally it will ensure that each employee understands the environmental aspects and impacts of their job function.

It is the responsibility of all employees to understand those sections of the company Environmental Management System which relate to their activities within the organisation.

For at least one of their lorry drivers and his mate this understanding not only doesn't encompass obeying loading restrictions but also involves a casual attitude to driving unlawfully on the footway (and possibly damaging it – HGVs this size on flagstones tend to shatter them, leaving the council tax payer to foot the bill) and complete indifference to the safety and convenience of cyclists.

The driver ignored the double yellow line No Loading 7 am – 7 pm restriction. He drove across the footway (an offence) and he parked on it. He also created danger for cyclists by obstructing the cycle lane - the bus in the first photograph is heading directly towards any cyclist who might emerge from behind the lorry. Altogether I’d say that adds up to two criminal offences and two parking offences. Yesterday, 11.35 am. Registration number MX07 ETO.

If you look at the pavement at this location you will see that the flagstones are shattered and the council regularly has to repair them. Waltham Forest council tax payers are effectively subsidising firms like Broadstock, whose drivers cause damage then drive off into the sunset. And a lorry driver who parks like this is displaying an attitude which I strongly suspect is expressed in other aspects of his driving.

If you have any comments about Broadstock’s contribution to the environment you can send them to the company at the only email address they provide.