Wednesday 15 December 2010

Christmas lights

Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy will be holding a festive fund-raiser for Labour Party members this weekend. She’ll be bringing along a friend. The event will be at the Welcome Centre in Walthamstow Village on Sunday from 3pm to 6pm. And as they arrive at The Welcome Centre at 8 Church End, party members will be able to see for themselves just how seriously the Labour council takes its Energy Strategy:

Waltham Forest Council is working with local partners to take action on climate change through its Energy Strategy.

The energy strategy sets out how Waltham Forest will reduce energy and water consumption. Using less energy and water will not only save money, it will reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, which is the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change.
The energy strategy complements the climate change strategy.

Yes, just a short distance from The Welcome Centre is the lamp post at the St Mary Road end of Church Path which has been blazing away in daylight for most of the year and also the lamp post outside number one Orford Road which has been lit up in the daylight hours throughout 2010. And let’s not forget the extra large lamp post across the road from the Labour Party office on Orford Road, which has been blazing away in the daylight hours for months (see photo above). All a gross waste of electricity and what you might call blazing hypocrisy from a council which is always instructing local residents to switch it off.

This matter will surely be of particular interest to a passionate environmentalist like Dr Creasy, who previously brought this top climate expert to the borough.

In the case of Dr Creasy I do so hope it’s not a case of floods, famines and pollution losing their urgency once an election is over…

Yesterday, for a larf, I thought I’d see if I could photograph the blazing lamp post by the Labour Party office reflected in the sign. I think it’s come out rather well, don’t you?