Monday 20 December 2010

an irresponsible road user

As coroners across Britain know only too well, all pedestrians and cyclists have a very special responsibility to make themselves visible to drivers. If you are wearing dark clothing when you are run down on a zebra crossing, little blame can be attached to the driver. Similarly any cyclist who does not wear yellow high viz gear can hardly blame a driver who runs into them from behind. When so many drivers have to send or receive important text messages, the least a cyclist or pedestrian can do is dress in bright clothing to make themselves stand out.

Today I encountered this shockingly irresponsible snowperson, who is almost asking to be run down. Judging by the expression on this person’s face and the distinct tilt, this snowperson may well have had “one too many”. Even worse, this snowperson is flagrantly ignoring the sign behind him or her, which quite clearly states PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY.

Someone has paid good money for the right to park their car here (a CPZ permit works out at a savage 75p a week) and they are going to be seriously distressed and inconvenienced when they return to this street only to find the last space left has gone.

Let us hope that the Association of British Drivers has taken up the cudgels and is demanding a refund from the council for every resident in this parking zone. Justice and decency demand no less.