Friday 17 December 2010

why driving instructors 2nd2none should relocate to Waltham Forest

Bristol driving school 2nd2none has 11 Driving Instructors offering driving lessons in the Bristol and Bath areas all of which are highly trained professionals.

All of whom, surely.

The driving skills of these highly trained professionals have been celebrated (with bonus comments by the owner) here and here.

The 2nd2none spokesperson rightly makes the point that modern streets are not designed for mass car ownership, leaving drivers with little choice but to park on pavements. If they didn’t do that they would be forced to park much further away from their homes or worse, have to manage without a car altogether and instead walk or cycle, both of which can be exhausting, especially if you are obese.

Sadly, Bristol council is an administration which deals with this matter by ignoring it altogether. This is why any business which wants to park on the pavement legally and not be pestered by bloggers should relocate to the London Borough of Waltham Forest, where a progressive administration manages to achieve the difficult balance between aspiring to be the Greenest council in the whole of London while converting pavements and cycle lanes into much-needed free parking bays.

Here on Browns Road E17 the council has had to make a difficult choice between the needs of wheelchair users and the needs of Lexus 4X4 drivers. The space between the marked parking bay and the wall by the tree is just 80cm (well below the national recommended minimum width for pedestrians, which is 2 metres) but in an imperfect world it is necessary for everyone to make compromises. And as you can see, even this parking bay is barely adequate for the Lexus driver, who through no fault of his own has been obliged to go beyond the markings in order to park his car where it will not be dented by another motorist.

On Wood Street E17 the council’s Christmas present to local drivers is a soon-to-be-opened massive extension of legal pavement parking on the footways, where the space has in the past been foolishly wasted on pedestrians. Whingers may complain that the space between the shopkeeper’s board and the parked vehicle will be too narrow at just 60 cm, yet this should present no difficulties at all to an able-bodied person on a diet.