Saturday 18 December 2010

Crap cycling in Leicester

Extra signs look set to be put up in Leicester's New Walk to enforce the ban on cycling. A report to be presented to the city council cabinet recommends that councillors agree to increase the number of "no cycling" signs along the pedestrian route.

Pedestrian Elizabeth Fraser, 60, of Evington, said: "I think they do need to put more signs up but to be honest I wonder if some of them care."

A 33-year-old male cyclist from Leicester's West End, who did not want to be named, disagreed. He said: "I cycle on it every day even though I know we are not supposed to, but what's the alternative? London Road is a death trap with cars pulling out everywhere.

"I don't see why walkers and cyclists can't share the path like they do in so many other places in the city, like Bede Street and Great Central Way."

Tony Abbey from the University of Leicester Bike User Group, submitted his opinion to the report, calling for a cycle lane to be created. He said: "I have never understood its pedestrians-only status.
The council's cycle lanes are appallingly haphazard."