Sunday 5 December 2010

Eight cyclists run down and killed by speeding driver

Eight cyclists were killed today after a car ploughed into them at high speed after losing control on an Italian road.

The driver, who was also injured in the incident and had to be cut free from the mangled wreckage of his Mercedes car, later tested positive for cannabis, police said.

In addition, the Moroccan man's license had been taken from him seven months ago for dangerous driving.

A police spokesman said the cyclists were killed after
the driver, who was above the speed limit, tried to overtake the group and lost control and ploughed into the all male group who were all local.

James D. Schwartz:

The man who killed the bicyclists had his license revoked six months ago for dangerous driving. Yet people seem to focus on the marijuana as the root cause.

Speeding, careless driving, sense of entitlement, poor road design, and lack of enforcement are all root causes of collisions that inflict casualties on humans at the helm of automobiles.

Blaming marijuana on the death of these 8 people is just another excuse.

Meanwhile in Britain:

Two cyclists have died after a collision involving a coach in Cumbria today.

The tragedy happened along the A595 road at Moota just before 3pm.

The cyclists, who were believed to be riding together, were travelling on the A595 at Moota at the time of the crash shortly before 1500 GMT on Sunday.

The coach was travelling in the same direction, towards Cockermouth.

The cyclists, both men in their 20s who were thought to be local, died at the scene. The coach driver was arrested.